A girl with plates on her head..
boring she seemed till the end!
Opened her mouth only to answer..
& was perfectly a bad dancer!
Met a boy with angry looks..
always had a bag of books!
Both talked like strangers..
geared their story like power rangers!
Time for the first Kiss..
ended with a great miss!
Dates were on high..
the Love started to fly!
Then the time came..
troubles, again & again!
The mess tore them apart..
All ended on a War!
One fine day, after so long..
destiny brought them along!
morning was the time..
Love again started to shine!
The Love Birds hold hands..
to fly together till the end!
Credit goes to the Heavens..
made all odds to evens!
Love got stronger day by day..
Hearts went to the same way!
boy's smile made their nest..
girl's eyes did the rest!
Now, Love is the only thing they know..
Hands in Hands, miles to go!
5 Years of Happiness & Joy..
Unconditional Love defined the boy!
Many many more years to come..
and a long long way to walk!
She gave all her heart..
He believed with all his soul..
& rest is, the Present!

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Lazy Days!



Mornings so raw & noon so slow..
lazy days are just on the go!
Endless thoughts but no knocks..
still waiting for a toss!
Life seems so high..
like the wondering blue sky!
Only love exists nowadays..
heartbeat skips up to date!
Swimming in the ocean of dreams..
wanna fulfill them by all means!
Mornings so raw & noon so slow..
lazy days are just on the go!